Mother Nature gives us her gifts and we know and tresure them.

We are partners with farmers from around the country, passionate and dedicated people who care for their crops so that the fruits and vegetables they grow can take all they need from the soil and sun. They trust us and our knowlegde in keeping freshness alive long after the harvest time. So, they allow us to collect large amounts of fruits and vegetables and turn them into tasty canned products available in large retailers and stores in Romania and abroad. 

To be able to prepare homemade canned fruits and vegetables to have over the year tou need fair amounts of fruits and vegetables as well as culinary abilities, large jars and enough time. Our products are the right alternative if you lack one of the above: made from high quality fruits and vegetables, based on traditional recipes, respecting high quality and food safety standards, each can brings to your table a part of the harves and the taste you look for. So you can cook at your best with a minimum effort!

We take note to the time needed for harvesting, handling and preparing so that we prepare the fruits and vegetables at the right time. It is the only way we can make sure the freshess will keep for a long time. Find out how the process of canning fruits and vegetables influences the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Nutritional benefits.

The farmers process is also important. We carefully select our sources, seeking local farmers who truly care about their fruits and vegetables. If you want to join our farmers and producers community, we are here for you.